Silicone Roof Coatings

Are You Interested in Silicone Roof Coatings?

Silicone Roof Coatings Provide Excellent Energy Efficient Benefits to Your Business.

Your roofing and its materials are defended with a silicone roof coating. No matter what material your roofing is made from, silicone roof coatings give durable and water-resistant protection as a natural defense. This moisture-curing coat is also eco-friendly so you will not have to worry about any toxic byproducts affecting the area around you. ProCraft Exteriors gives a wide range of services for your property, from roof installation to roof coating applications. With each service, you receive a roof you can rely on and the highest quality customer service. Contact us at (618) 688-0775 to begin on your silicone roof coatings in Chicago, IL and the surrounding area today!

How Silicone Roof Coatings Can Help You

Silicone roof coatings give a complete defense for roofing. This coating is known for its durability, withstanding anything nature heaves its way. When your roof has this layer directly administered to it, it gives your roof UV resistance, letting it deflect UV rays away from your property. Silicone roof coating provides you a cool roof system, cutting energy costs due to its reflective natures. Silicone roofing repels sun exposure and retains its original color, unlike other coatings that chalk and discolor over time. Most roofing systems also have to handle the predicament of water damage and ponding. When a storm rolls in, silicone roof coating behaves as a membrane that ensures water damage and ponding. Controlling mold and mildew, the coating prevents both from growing and damaging your roofing system materials. The silicone roof coatings have an expected lifespan of ten to fifteen years. Intensive roof preparation is not required for reapplication. Roofing system preparations commonly involve a power wash before application of your new silicone roof coating. With little-required maintenance and ease of application, silicone roof coatings are excellent for many roofing!

Damaged Roof Needing Silicone Roof Coatings

Minor Damage on Your Flat Roof Can Be Fixed With Silicone Roof Coatings.

Looking to get started on your silicone roof coatings in Chicago, IL? ProCraft Exteriors supplies you with first-rate roof systems designed for the best defense for your property. Expert installation practices and top-notch customer service are what we are known for. Our certified skilled roofers are always ready to repair your roof system and provide any service you want, from roofing system coating to detailed inspection. Get started today with first-class silicone roof coatings! Call (618) 688-0775 to schedule your appointment today.