Modified Bitumen Roofing Repair and Installation

Roof Made from Modified Bitumen Roofing Materials

Modified Bitumen Roofing Is Easy to Install and Provides Quality Protection Against Leaks.

The roofing contractors at ProCraft Exteriors are here to provide commercial customers operating in Chicago, IL area with modified bitumen roof work that consists of installation, repairs, and upkeep. Throughout the 1970’s, the modified bitumen roof became increasingly popular because of how great it worked on slanted and fixed roofing for commercial buildings, providing better protection than ever before. We love to give our clients choices, because not every customer is going to have the same requirements, which is why we are able to repair, install, and sustain both APP and SBS modified bitumen roofing systems. Modified bitumen roofs are inexpensive, sturdy, and are able to offer decades of protection for commercial buildings, making them a superior choice for owners who are wanting to secure their business and the individuals in it. Are you looking for a durable modified bitumen roofing system for your office building? Call the expert roofing contractors at ProCraft Exteriors today at (618) 688-0775 for the best modified bitumen roofing in Chicago, IL.

Advantages of Modified Bitumen Roofing

Extremely Cost-Effective: Since this product is simple to assemble and is very affordable, clients are able to preserve extra money in the long run on repairs and other maintenance.

Long-Lasting Roof System: If you need a resilient roofing product that will function close to 20 years and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep, a modified bitumen roofing system is a fantastic choice.

Modified Bitumen Roofing Materials

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A More Adaptable Roof: A modified bitumen roof is one of the most highly adaptable roofs in the industry, from the manner in which it’s assembled to the completed style of the roof.

Solid Roof Choice: Getting a sturdy roof is incredibly important when you possess an office structure and modified bitumen roofing systems are extremely strong, resistant to punctures, breakages, and great for any climate you reside in.

The roofers at ProCraft Exteriors are trained in each modified bitumen roof service, from repairs to upkeep, so call our roofing company now at (618) 688-0775 for modified bitumen roofing in Chicago, IL.

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Stronger installations equal greater performance and the roofers at ProCraft Exteriors can supply assemblies that are continually handled properly. Our roofers are leaders in modified bitumen roof work, so whether you are looking for installations, repairs, or maintenance, we provide office structures with better protection with our high-quality work. We guarantee that our modified bitumen roofs are installed correctly by employing certified roofers who have years of knowledge, and by utilizing state-of-the-art equipment and materials. It can be hard placing your trust in a roofing company, but our roofing business and roofers are honest and absolutely professional, making you at ease and introducing you to better roofing services. Call our roofing contractors now at (618) 688-0775 if you are ready to schedule an appointment for high-quality modified bitumen roofing in Chicago, IL.