Experienced Government Roofing Contractor

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We Can Work on Both State and Local Government Buildings.

In regards to roofing projects, government contracting calls for a unique set of skills, and extensive knowledge. Because of the detailed requirements of these endeavors from beginning to end, it is essential that the roofer in charge is qualified. At ProCraft Exteriors our abilities for government contracts are included with the most reliable in the industry, and our years of expertise allow us to submit an unmatched level of service to the table. If you’re searching for a dependable government roofing contractor in Chicago, IL, our team of experts is ready and at your service! Call (618) 688-0775 to reach our roof specialists now regarding the services we provide!

Expert Government Roofing Contractor

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We Understand All the Qualifications Required to be a Government Roofing Contractor.

All of the various components of a government roofing contract need to be gone over and evaluated before commencing work. We have a crew of experienced estimators that completely examine all components of the project, and work with reliable vendors to ensure we can supply an accurate bid at a fair price. Our schedulers are likewise thorough, to ensure everything from delivery to completion is on schedule. As a company, we value the safety of our employees, as well as everyone else who steps foot on our projects, and we consistently maintain strict OSHA guidelines. It is of the utmost importance to our company to continuously meet or surpass the compliance regulations. And finally, in an effort to offer top-notch quality assurance, we ensure every area of a project is completely inspected and improved prior to completion. We understand what it takes to be a reliable government roofing contractor, and we stand by our tried and true methods for success. As with all our general commercial roofing projects, we offer only the finest materials for your government roof repair or replacement needs.

From local government contracts to federal government contracts, our crew of professionals is experienced as well as ready. When it comes to federal government roofing projects, we are aware of the changing restrictions as well as requirements that can accompany such endeavors, and we can easily work within those requirements. To request a bid for a government roofing contract, contact our specialists now at (618) 688-0775. Don’t accept just any government roofing contractor in Chicago, IL, count on the professionals at ProCraft Exteriors.