Foam Roofing Installation

Roofer Completing a Foam Roofing Installation

You Can Significantly Increase Your Energy Efficiency with a Foam Roofing Installation.

Have you been considering better options for your commercial roof? For an efficient and swift roofing application, look into our polyurethane foam roofing solutions, which provide a seamless finish and simple installation. This roof style, created from isocyanate and polyol, is a liquid that is spray-applied onto your roof, and later sealed with an exceptionally resilient elastomeric topcoat. Designed specifically for commercial roofs, this system provides exceptional leak protection because it is seamless, and increased UV protection because of the high shine. For foam roofing installation in Chicago, IL that is both professional and affordable, contact the experts at ProCraft Exteriors by calling (618) 688-0775 today!

Benefits of a Foam Roofing Installation

Are You Interested in a Foam Roofing Installation?

A Foam Roof Seals Around Vents and Equipment on Your Roof to Prevent Future Roof Leaks.

While it is rare to find heat-welded seams in modern roofing, it is still normal practice for commercial roof systems to have layers of material connected by well-bonded seams. While these methods are vulnerable to weakening of the seams over time, the spray application of foam roofing removes seams entirely, which offers better leak protection. The flexible nature of foam roofing also simplifies the roofing process, as it sticks to nearly any surface, and is simple to install around rooftop protrusions such as vents and A/C units. You can count on a lifespan of 20 years or longer with this lightweight foam roofing installation, and it needs only a mere fraction of the maintenance required for similar commercial roof types. There are a few different types of foam roofing materials, but here at ProCraft Exteriors, we specialize in SPF spray foam roofing.

We suggest foam roofs for commercial structures, not only for the swift and easy application but additionally for the cost-effectiveness. Throughout the lifespan of this roof solution, you will reap many perks, one of which is increased energy efficiency. Foam roofing effortlessly reflects UV rays with its bright and glossy appearance, and this keeps the A/C for the building working more effectively, which then lowers your energy bills. In fact, foam roofing can earn you a yearly savings of up to 30% in energy bills. When you would like to discover more about efficient commercial roofing solutions, call us at (618) 688-0775 and ask about our foam roofing installation in Chicago, IL!