Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof Installation

Green Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof

A Standing Seam Metal Roof Creates a Distinct Appearance for Your Building.

When you operate a commercial building, it is critical that you can depend on your roof installation to protect the property through any type of weather changes. Commercial roof owners can count on single ply membranes for reliability, which is why they’re so commonly used, but they often need more maintenance than most people would like to keep up with. There are less maintenance-intensive options, however, like standing seam metal roofing for commercial buildings from ProCraft Exteriors. Call us at (618) 688-0775 if this seems like the right option for you, or if you’d like to learn more about applying a commercial standing seam metal roof in Chicago, IL or the surrounding communities.

Benefits of a Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof

One of the best characteristics of a commercial standing seam metal roof installation is that the panels come together over the screws, which keeps them from being exposed to the elements. The added defense of vertical seams is another great benefit since those vertical seams offer improved protection against leaking. A commercial standing seam metal roof is also a fantastic choice if you need increased energy efficiency, as the reflective surface of the metal is ideal for reflecting the sun’s rays. If you want to pay less for your energy bills, or if you need to perform less maintenance on your roof system, commercial standing seam metal roofing is a great investment option for your structure. Certain cities allow tax breaks for standing seam metal roof systems, as they are considered green roofing options, and most insurance companies will provide lowered rates because these roofs are so resistant to damages.

Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof Prices and Installation

Roofer Installing a Commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof

Installing a Metal Roof Will Protect Your Building From Water Damage.

Commercial standing seam metal roof prices are more expensive to install in comparison to single ply roofs, but the incentives of this roof will save you money in the future. Commercial metal roofing is rated to last nearly twice as long as alternative roofing options, which offers you decades more before you’ll require a replacement, and throughout its lifespan, you will pay significantly less for maintenance. You also won’t have to be concerned about heavy winds, hail storms, or even potential fires destroying your roof. To learn more, or to get a quote for your commercial standing seam metal roof in Chicago, IL, call our crew at ProCraft Exteriors today at (618) 688-0775 and talk to a roofing specialist. We are experienced roof specialists, and we are happy to help you with any and all of your roof needs!